The Dangers of Intellectual Arrogance

There's a certain level of hubris that inevitably comes along with calling oneself progressive. After all, if yours is the path of progress, what does that make every other way? "Backwards." And in fact, that was a word that was hurled repeatedly throughout this past campaign season as Obama sought to show that he was the true Captain, trimming the sails for a harbor known only as Forward. Why have a destination when you can simply have a direction? And not any of those pesky cardinal directions, let's just focus on moving. That way, if we need to change course, we can always claim it was part of the plan; I mean, we've been moving forward the entire time. The progressive mindset is on exquisite display in something George Clooney said several years ago while discussing American history, "The liberals were always right in the end." According to Clooney, from the Salem witch trials right down to the civil rights movement, progressives have been leading the charge Forward while...(Read Full Article)