The Constitution: For Obama, Just Another Bump in the Road

Barack Obama's intrusions on the constitutional powers of Congress, his failure to fulfill his own constitutional duties, and his willingness to sign legislation which includes provisions which violate the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution render him unfit to serve as president.  If we re-elect him, we will be well on our way to realizing Benjamin Franklin's fear that we will not be able to keep our republic. Article II of the Constitution requires the president to take care that the laws be faithfully executed.   President Obama has failed to fulfill this duty. On July 12, 2012, the administration issued an information memorandum which allows states to apply for waivers from the requirement that welfare recipients work or prepare for work.  Probably the greatest achievement of the Clinton presidency and the Republican Congress elected in 1994 was welfare reform, which replaced the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program with the Temporary Assistance for...(Read Full Article)