The Class of the Race

The phrase "the class of the race" originated in the sport of horse racing.  It is an expression indicating that a contender has demonstrated a higher degree of ability and can perform better than his competition to achieve desired results.  Over time, having been applied to all types of races, it is a phrase and concept utilized well beyond its origin.  It is a concept particularly well-suited to the presidential race. The power to perform, the competence and expertise, the capability to produce desired results -- such is the definition of class.  Class is, without a doubt, the biggest predictor of success.  Conversely, success, or lack thereof, is what determines class. A high-class contender -- that is, one with considerable talents, is capable of succeeding, even though he might not be in top form, at his appropriate level or running in the best environment.  A low-class contender, however, is capable of succeeding only when in surroundings...(Read Full Article)