The Big Picture

While countless pundits slice and dice the election, some core truths remain the underpinnings of the apparent outcome. First, as Pat Caddell so rightly and passionately stated, the mainstream media has become an enemy of the people.   "Journalists" in America have sunk to such a new low they rarely even bother to pretend to be anything other than shills for the President. Shouting through their large bullhorns -- snide, arrogant, and obnoxious -- they are active proponents of "progressive" (i.e. Marxist) ideology. In sum, they are propagandists. Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel of the Daily Caller have a less scathing perspective of media bias. They've concocted the notion that somehow this dreadful, dangerous bias will soon vanish as our current batch of "journalists" will move onto other positions. But I disagree. Any journalists who retire or move onto non-journalist positions will simply be replaced with more just like them. I stand with Pat Caddell in his assessment of...(Read Full Article)