Squandered Trust

So the diagnoses are all in -- the voting public has lost its collective mind; they've all been brainwashed by the media; the welfare class has taken over and is now in charge. The downhill slide has begun, and there's nothing to stop it. All that awaits us is the fate of Weimar Germany, if not The Road Warrior. But try taking a look at it from the viewpoint of the average, everyday voter. From the limited point of view of the public, Election 2012 looks at least something like a rational choice. (If a less than admirable one.) For decades, the Republican Party told the people of this country that once they got in, things would be different. No more wild spending, no more deficits, none of the waste and extravagance that had marked the decades of Democratic rule since the New Deal. But that was a lie. Because soon after the GOP did get its hands on the purse-strings in taking the House in 1994, it began throwing around change just as wildly as the Dems at their worst. As far as the...(Read Full Article)