Spreading Conservative Values

On November 7,  Andrew Klavan called upon conservatives to commit intellectual and financial resources to end the domination of liberal thought in our culture coming from academia, entertainment, and mainstream news. I would add that it would be a smart move to circumvent or leapfrog the current liberal framework and not waste time and money trying to change old media institutions or replicate ones that are fading in importance. A virtual academic system, as opposed to brick and mortar, is the future. Salman Khan has revolutionized the teaching of math and physics with The Khan Academy funded by Bill Gates. It is a proven success with low startup costs and a global audience. Mr. Khan began his enterprise in 2006 and has since delivered over 200 million free courses worldwide. Mr. Khan is young, charismatic, and passionate about teaching. Unencumbered by government and union bureaucracies, he speaks directly to students in a comprehensible and engaging manner using internet...(Read Full Article)