Outnumbered but not Outgunned

After two resounding wins, it is clear that liberal Barack Obama supporters strongly outnumber conservatives in the U.S. He won the 2012 election with roughly 7 million fewer votes than the 2008 election, and it was still more than enough. We are outnumbered. Do you know what he did on his first day back at work while you were staring sullenly at the electoral map? He greenlighted the United Nations Arms Control Treaty, which he plans to use as a springboard for a national gun registration list, followed by confiscation. Do not be surprised. All Marxists do this, and Obama has frequently stated his intentions. He is working quickly, on his first day after re-election. This treaty, even if it dies like so many other things the U.N. touches, will at least cause higher prices as it eliminates the importation of ammunition and guns. Obama has assured us that it will not threaten our Second Amendment rights. Do you believe him? This is a man who doesn't even believe in Second Amendment...(Read Full Article)