Our Long Obama Nightmare Is Almost Over

If you're reading this, you've almost made it through the Obama years.  God knows it hasn't been easy holding on this long.  If you're like me, there were days you felt as if you'd aged ten years, just trying to bitterly cling to your leaky life raft. Maybe you're one of the 23 million Americans who are unemployed, under-employed, or who have given up looking for work.  Who can blame you for despairing, when two-thirds of the jobs in the last four years have gone to new immigrants, many of them illegals?  But don't worry if, like one out of six Americans, you're sinking into poverty -- after all, Obama assures us that "the private sector is doing fine." Maybe you or someone you love is serving in our military.  Your lives have been endangered by Obama's disastrous rules of engagement, with 70% of the fatalities in Afghanistan occurring during his term.  Every day, you wake up to a commander-in-chief so indifferent to your needs that he let four American...(Read Full Article)