One Solar Array, with Propaganda

It appears that some of the folks working at the Town Hall in Carver, Massachusetts are committed to making Carver into "the solar capital of New England". I'm going to demonstrate how they have used propaganda -- in the classic sense of falsifying and manipulating information -- to help move this effort forward."The Town of Carver Route 44 Embankment Solar PV Project" began back in 2008, when the town evaluated renewable energy options for a new water treatment plant. This facility is located on a property that Carver had recently purchased, called the Cole property. After they decided that wind isn't a good option for this location, they considered solar. It was determined that the best place for a solar array wasn't on this property, but next to it on a south-facing slope of highway Route 44. Building the array there required an easement from the state Department of Transportation, which was received in 2009. The original price estimate given for this project was close to $1...(Read Full Article)