Of Moses and Mises: How Businesses Are Better Than Charities

The world has seen its fair share of injustice and stupidity, but there exists one particularly obnoxious sentiment, masked in pretenses of Christendom, which denies the moral importance of business and profit.  Citing most improperly Jesus Christ, ignorant Westerners tout charity as the supreme duty of all Christians, as though Christ Himself was not a career carpenter and Paul not a tent-maker.  They love to quote "sell all you have and give to the poor," without noting the instructive purpose of that individual commandment to an individual person, meanwhile entirely disregarding "If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat."  But looking beyond this, there is a question still lurking behind the necessity of production which begs to be answered: whether or not business is actually less moral than charity. These two great human endeavors, business and charity, have been noted by economic greats such as Ludwig von Mises as being diametrically opposed. ...(Read Full Article)