Obama's Santa Claus Presidency

Mitt Romney was castigated last weekend for comparing Obama to a Santa Claus who bought votes by showering presents on the electorate. Even conservatives had their feathers ruffled. Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, George Will and Susana Martinez -- all of whom I admire -- interpreted Romney's remarks as insulting to voters. Jim Geraghty at NRO's Morning Jolt summarizes: Reading [Romney's remarks], we can only conclude that Romney's "47 percent" comments were not a gaffe or slip of the tongue but actually represent his genuine assessment of the nature of the American people right now. A president with that worldview wouldn't keep it under wraps for a four-year term, and it is a good thing for the Republican party and the conservative movement to not have to defend a president who effectively writes off nearly half the country as lazy and selfish, and even more important, unpersuadable, unreformable, and unchangeable. Put me strongly in the Bobby Jindal/Marco Rubio/Susana Martinez camp in...(Read Full Article)