Obama Voters Rewrite American National Anthem

The punditocracy, like the oracles of old, has spoken. Obama won because of various and sundry reasons, most of which can be debated and none of which is the single, sufficient cause.  But one reason, or unreason, was a definite and perhaps the single most important factor: what became infamously known as "the 47%," who now suckle at the government teat.  While these people rationally, though selfishly, choose that it is better to receive than to give, they failed on Tuesday to choose the nation's best interest or even their own long-term interest on Election Day.  They fail to understand that the goose can run out of golden eggs.  The printing presses, and even China, can run out of money.  On its current path, America must go broke.  Their short-term "reason" to vote for Obama ignores the inevitably ruinous consequences. Obama's victory rewrites our National Anthem.  Before us, the dawn's early light gives way to a dark future.  How proudly...(Read Full Article)