Never Been So Happy to Be So Wrong

During the primaries, I wrote a scathing article, published here on American Thinker, about Mitt Romney. In it I detailed exactly what I believed his weaknesses were and what he would do to shoot himself in the foot. I have to say that I have never been so happy to be so wrong. After working as a campaign chair for the Mike Pence campaign for governor, campaigning in my heavily-Democratic city, reading the trends in the relevant polls, talking to voters, and watching the presidential campaign unfold, myself and my fellow Republicans are coming to the same conclusion. Ladies and gentlemen, without trying to paint an unrealistically positive picture of this election, my fellow campaign operatives and I believe we are seeing the signs of a developing wave year. Thus I thought I might share what is going on from the perspective of our Republican "war rooms", and hopefully spread a little guarded hope for our prospects come November. Barack is making all of the wrong moves. Mitt is making...(Read Full Article)