Mormon 'Just So' Stories

As the political fortunes of our Marxian messiah appear on the wane, no stone is being left unturned in rallying the faithful to his defense.  As a consequence, candidate Mitt Romney is being tarred with the brush of "racism by proxy" and facing character assassination by being tied to puzzling historical "Just So" stories from the Latter-Day Saints past.  Black men and women are understandably concerned and correct in seeking answers to this indictment of the Mormon past -- a past that, like America in general on the subject of race, is not without stain. It is an undeniable fact that the LDS church did not allow black men into the priesthood or condone interracial unions before the Apostolic Revelation of 1978, although blacks had been known to be a part of the general body of believers since Mormonism's inception, albeit not in significant numbers.  It is also true that despite repeated requests for a formal repudiation of this historical discrimination, one has not...(Read Full Article)