James Madison, Rick Perry Quash Secesh Talk

It was said of the royal Bourbon family of France that "they forget nothing; they learn nothing."  Have some of the fringers on our own side become Bourbons?  Or have they just been hitting the bourbon since Election Day? What is this nonsensical talk of secession?  Now people are wasting their time drafting and, worse, signing petitions calling for secession.  If at first you don't secede, try, try again, eh?  Is it a sign of the times, the failure of public education?  Has anyone here heard of Appomattox? Gov. Rick Perry is quite right to dismiss all such talk.  Texas is a great state and a valued member of this perpetual Union.  Texas is not going anywhere but up.  The Union forever, hurrah, boys, hurrah! The last time secession was tried, 630,000 young Americans died.  An entire region of the country was laid waste and did not really recover until the 1970s.  That was also the time when segregation ended.  See a link? For...(Read Full Article)