It's Your Move, Mr. President

The American people voted to retain Barack Obama.  Fine.  It has been settled -- time to move on.  Let's consider this fun fact first, from CNN: Barring serious efforts to curb the growth in the country's debt, by 2020 Washington could be spending 92 cents of every tax dollar on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and interest alone. That would leave just 8 cents to pay for everything else. Wonderful.  Eight cents.  I want the liberals to explain how this is going to work.  And please, in the name of all things sacred, don't give me Barack Obama bull about the wealthy folks "paying a little more."  You can double the tax rate of the top ten percent of wage earners, and it doesn't even begin to address the problem.  Are the liberals going to bite the bullet and start cutting from Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security?  Perhaps, but it doesn't seem likely.  Keep in mind that I haven't even spoken about ObamaCare.  We have no...(Read Full Article)