It Is Not Too Early for Conservatives...

The Republican Party lost the 2012 election while conservatives watched from the sidelines. Republican moderates losing elections has become an all-too-common occurrence even though conservatives are the base of the Republican Party. It is not too early for the conservatives to start work to take back the party and the country. The Republican establishment elite does not learn from its mistakes, and conservatives can no longer wait for Republicans to wake up. The formation of the TEA Party movement should have been that wakeup call, but the establishment elite chose to ignore it. Unless conservatives reassert a leadership role in the GOP, the Republican Party will begin to wither and die as conservatives and TEA Party members abandon this anachronism of a Party. Where is it written that only moderates can win national elections, while Democrats are free to embrace their leftist fringe candidates? The parade of moderates: George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain,...(Read Full Article)