How Romney Blew an Easily Winnable Race

I've learned the that worst way to console a friend grieving a recent disappointment or loss is by showering him with uplifting biblical verses and sugary platitudes. People with fresh emotional wounds aren't open to flowery words of encouragement and can even respond in anger or resentment to your well-meaning efforts.  Grieving people need a little time to decompress and work through their dark thoughts and emotions.  At the onset of grief, what works best for me goes along the lines of "Bartender, another double-Scotch, straight up, for my friend here.  And keep 'em coming."  A sad country song playing in the background always seems to help a bit, too. I think I speak for many of my friends on the right when I say: "To all of you trying to cheer our side up  -- please stop.  We appreciate your efforts and concerns, but you're not helping any.  It's not yet the time.  No one's in the mood to hear that crap right now." If you're angry, sad,...(Read Full Article)