GOP Establishment Seeks Its Inner Neville Chamberlain

We normally use the term "appeasement" to describe the sort of weakness in the face of despotic aggression that crosses a line separating mere ineptitude from the kind of eager passivity that is tantamount to surrender. Today's Republican Party establishment, including its elected leadership and its well-placed Washington advisers and media figures, is defining a path of domestic appeasement as dangerous and as foolhardy as any ever pursued on the world stage. To identify behavior as an act of full-scale appeasement, we must satisfy two conditions: (1) we must perceive a clear threat of despotic aggression, and (2) we must be able to isolate in the alleged appeaser's response a position likely to encourage and enable that aggression, rather than thwart it. Let us begin with condition 1. Barack Obama was raised by communists, has surrounded himself with radical leftists throughout his adult life, and has been spiritedly endorsed and supported by the Communist Party USA. His entire...(Read Full Article)