Gay Marriage and the Curse of Rumpelstiltskin

This Election Day, voters in Maine, Maryland, Washington, and Minnesota will be asked to cast their ballots on the issue of same-sex marriage. Now is a good time to discuss this issue beyond the squeaky-clean case for gay marriage that has been marketed to well-intended, and in some cases gullible, straight allies.  First, let's dispense with the maudlin myths and reductive propaganda. Same-sex marriage will do nothing to address the five real-life crises facing people with same-sex attractions, many of whom do not end up in lifelong couplings: depression, eating disorders, suicide, sexually transmitted diseases, and addictions. While bullies, biblical verses, Republicans, and chicken sandwich impresarios may cause some hurt feelings, the five aforementioned crises are overwhelmingly the result of the way gays treat one another.  Straight people do gays no favors by feeling guilty and then blindly endorsing the demands of gay activists, who are largely responsible for the...(Read Full Article)