Ending the Tax Debate

One of the most divisive issues separating Republicans and Democrats is taxation. Taxation is a politician's best friend, a tool that can be used to pay off supporters (which results in votes), and to attract donations from those seeking preferential treatment in the tax code. Taxation is used in rhetoric to divide people into classes: the rich, the middle class, and the poor. The patriots knew what they were talking about when they adapted the slogan, "No taxation without representation". Today, by means of taxation, people are punished for their successes and rewarded for their failures. The tax code enables politicians to extract property from its rightful owners and redistribute it to others who have no defensible claim to it. Moreover, the tax code is used to promote and further government-centric preferences. Deductions, credits, subsidies, and grants are wielded by politicians to manipulate various markets and society as a whole. These actions result in the misallocation...(Read Full Article)