Cutting the Weeds in Gaza

I was listening to and reading news reports this weekend (i) about shortages of medical supplies in Gaza, (ii) about Gaza civilians displaced from homes, and (iii) about concern over the "human tragedy" in Gaza. As I said this Shabbat in shul: I don't care about any of the above three. If Israel deliberately starts targeting Gaza women or children or men for the purpose of just murdering people, just to murder them, just to terrorize them, just to enjoy imposing suffering on them, I will be the first to speak out against Israel. However, since Israel's founding in 1948, that never has been Israel's way, nor has it ever been the way of those associated with any of the Zionist movement streams since Herzl came to Basle, Switzerland in 1897 to call for the establishment of a Jewish homeland. Hamas in Gaza have been launching score upon score of murderous rockets into Israel for months and years, and no one cared a whit or reacted until Israel finally hit back. If Israel did not...(Read Full Article)