Claire McCaskill: 'Other People's Money' and Marijuana

In its Midwest Voices series, The Kansas City Star (a McClatchy newspaper) regularly runs guest commentaries by "citizen journalists."  Because the Star is a left-wing outfit and almost invariably endorses Democrat candidates, many of these articles aren't very edifying.  But on Saturday, November 3, the paper ran a 567-word article by Stephan Brewer, who operates his own business providing marketing research and marketing consulting to law firms in the U.S. and Canada, and it definitely tilted conservative. Mr. Brewer's fine article, "Tuesday's election mirrors the war on drugs," has a central metaphor, which is that OPM, or "other people's money," is a drug. Brewer describes how both politicians and citizens get hooked on OPM and what they must do to sustain their habit.  Near the end of his essay, Brewer addresses the Missouri race for U.S. Senate (hyperlinks added): In Missouri, you can also vote for a leading Obama lackey and Obamacare supporter, Sen. Claire...(Read Full Article)