Beggar Off-in-Chief

When the record of the American press is written about this election, and especially concerning the Benghazi debacle, most of the media ombudspersons will issue their predictable clucking noises about how their sheets really should have taken the murder of an American ambassador and three others, including an ex-Navy SEAL, more seriously at the time.  It will be an appalling record of sweeping a major issue under the rug, or at the very least colluding in an attempt at the highest levels to kick the can down the road until the voters had rendered a judgment. ABC's Jake Tapper will stand as an honorable exception to the media rule of looking away.  Tapper's column -- "President Obama Begs Off Answering Whether Americans in Benghazi were Denied Requests for Help" -- asks the only question for which we need an answer at this critical moment.  And the Beggar Off-in-Chief has been thus far successful in stringing the rest of the mainstream media along.  Tapper...(Read Full Article)