Appealing to Latinos

The USA is a country of changing demographics. With this shift the Republican Party needs to rethink its strategy while retaining its core values. The Hispanic community cast approximately eleven million ballots, with President Obama getting 70% of the vote. Mitt Romney's loss brought into focus the need for Republicans to court the Hispanic vote. Since many have the same values as Republicans the million-dollar question is how do Republicans appeal to the Latinos, and tackle the complicated immigration reform issue? American Thinker interviewed experts about this question. Lorena Lopez, editor of Iowa's leading Spanish news source, La Prensa, told American Thinker that this election proved to Latinos that they have a voice. She makes a good point since her state has a 5% Latino population, which was approximately the margin of Romney's loss. Since the Latino population is growing and becoming more influential Republicans should consider what Newt Gingrich said in a television...(Read Full Article)