...And Then a Miracle Occurs.

So American voters can be bought cheaply and fraudulently, with ObamaPhones and Obama's promises: free medical care forever, withdrawing from the world, regular scapegoating of the productive people, reverse-racism, the works.  America is now Chicago, run by a mob alliance of the radical left, the rich who can buy access to Obama, and zillions of mind-numbed robots. I never thought I'd see it. The rest of the world is catching on to what just happened, except for the Europeans, who live in utter denial (being liberals).  China caught on long ago.  The former Soviet colonies are shaking in their boots.  Japan is working with South Korea to develop nuclear weapons, and to buy peace from the Chinese, who can keep a rein on North Korea.  It looks like Europe, in the shape of Frau Merkel, will buy Russian protection by making themselves completely dependent on Russian oil and gas.  And the Middle East will be taken over by what Obama calls "organic...(Read Full Article)