Al Sharpton and His Trickle

The election is over, and the American people have spoken; a majority now are fully indoctrinated socialists and want the government to run the economy, and their health care, and to make sure they get their fair share of other people's money (without any understanding of where money comes from). In the lead-up to the election, Al Sharpton, the thoroughly discredited race-hustler of Tawana Brawley fame, now reincarnated as an MSNBC propagandist for the far left, began appearing in TV ads attacking so-called "trickle-down economics."  Sharpton says, "I first heard it when Ronald Reagan went in, 1980.  We in the twenty-first century.  How long are we gonna wait for the trickle?  I mean we been waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  It never got down to us.  Thirty years later, we got the down, but we never got the trickle." The concept of trickle-down economics is the improperly named and poorly explained notion that, by providing tax relief to those with...(Read Full Article)