A Persistent ObamaCare Factoid

It used to be standard practice in journalism to corroborate. A responsible news outfit would get a second source (at the very least) to back up a story, and a good reporter would try to get it straight from the horse's mouth. This standard practice is slipping away in today's corrupt media environment. In contemporary journalism, if a factoid is being repeated by enough outlets, it's permissible to repeat an inaccuracy. A recent example of a factoid (i.e., a spurious "fact") that the media continues to circulate comes straight from New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof. In his October 12 column "A Possibly Fatal Mistake," Kristof wrote: President Obama's care plan addresses this problem inelegantly, by forcing people like Scott to buy insurance beginning in 2014. Some will grumble about the "mandate" [...] Obamacare does address these problems, albeit in a complex and intrusive way, forcing people by a mandate to get insurance. Notice the date of Kristof's column: three and a...(Read Full Article)