Women Know Mitt and Barack (We've Dated Them Both)

Seeing Mitt Romney and Barack Obama side by side in the recent debates, it hit me who they are.  They're the two prototypical guys nearly every one of us women has encountered in our romantic lives: the Boy Scout and the Bad Boy; Mr. Clean-Cut, and Mr. Mystery.  Maybe they're guys we dated in high school or fantasized about.  Or later in life, they're the two boyfriends who tugged at our hearts, rivals for our affection but opposites in every conceivable way.  Ultimately the one we chose predicted our grown-up woman futures -- then as now.  Mitt-Guy: he was that wholesome, clean-living, great-looking guy whom your parents loved, but who seemed too good to be true.  Your parents' enthusiasm for him was a turn-off.  Still, there was something sweet about the guy and his solid normalcy.  Well-liked wherever he went, he radiated an optimism and an honesty that would have seemed naïve in someone less bright.  He was always on time, and when he...(Read Full Article)