Who's in the Kitchen?

Last Sunday, The Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan offered this: I think one of the fascinating things about this presidential campaign is that ... [t]here is a sense out there that the American people are up to something we don't know about ... and might just be about to hand us some surprise they've been cooking up, that lots of people just don't know about ... there's just something going on. (Face the Nation, October 21) It's actually not a mystery, and what is "cooking" is the same delicious dish that the American people served up during the midterm elections a couple of years ago. Since the 2010 election, the dynamic in America hasn't changed to favor the policies emanating from Washington, D.C.  If anything, antipathy toward the White House and Capitol Hill has intensified.  Whether media types are blind to this problem or just choosing to ignore the giant elephant in the room is ultimately inconsequential.On Monday, MNBC's Joe Scarborough explained: All in all...(Read Full Article)