They Didn't Riot over This Video

After nearly a month of cringing and getting lost in its people's own contradictions, the Obama administration is finally clinging to an elliptical mention by the president of "acts of terror" that he claims won't deter us from doing whatever we are supposed to do in the Mideast.  What was it we were supposed to be doing over there? Oh, supporting democracy, of course.  But democracy in a country where "freedom-fighters" roar into town shooting their rifles in the air is going to be hard to achieve.  All those celebratory bullets have a nasty way of coming down again.  And they can hit local voters as they are lining up to cast their ballots. Consider the ever-so-discreet caption for a photo of one of our purple-fingered frenzied friends.  Against a lurid background of the U.S. Consulate in flames in Benghazi, we see a trim young man in jeans and tee-shirt.  He's holding his rifle menacingly.  And Reuters labels him a "protester."  Indeed. ...(Read Full Article)