The Sessions -- A Review

Attendant Driss: Where can you find a tetraplegic? Quadriplegic Philippe: Where can you... I don't know. Driss: Exactly where you left him. from "The Intouchables" Over the approximate century since the birth of film, many have gone beyond the cotton-candy eye-fill of perfection usually represented as 'regular people' by Hollywood and its imitators. Such films as My Left Foot (1978), and the equally powerful Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) developed winning tales of often-true challenged protagonists overcoming handicaps so great one would often assume the sufferer had no chance of normal life. In the case of the buoyant Intouchables protagonist, the focus is on a feisty, affable multi-billionaire and his lively, if not criminal, ebullient African helper, to the delight of the viewer. "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly"-also of French vintage-follows a character caught in near-total paralysis, whose only 'working part' is his left eye. He manages, with the help of a...(Read Full Article)