The Real Enemy

The left has long posed as the foe of wealth and status and the hero of the poor and despised.  In the 2012 presidential campaign, the left has tried to portray Mitt Romney as the candidate of wealth, the pawn of the "Establishment" which governs America with indifference to the lives of ordinary people. But the "Establishment," of course, is leftism.  It has been leftism for a long time.  How long?  Forty-seven years ago, Maurice Stanton Evans wrote a book, The Liberal Establishment, with the subtitle Who Runs America...and How, which details wonderfully the ways in which entrenched power throughout government and society was firmly in the hands of the left.  The list of flacks for leftism is drearily familiar: academia, public school systems, the entertainment industry, professional organizations, nonprofit foundations of vast wealth, the bureaucracies dependent upon social grievance and mind-numbing regulations (which includes not only federal and state...(Read Full Article)