Thank You for Re-Electing Obama

As a soldier, I want to thank you for ensuring that I will have less than adequate protection in a field of military action now that the president has reduced military expenditures.  In fact, "Aerospace Industries Association, a trade group, released a study that projected the sector would lose in the neighborhood of 350,000 direct and supplier jobs under [Obama's] automatic cuts."  That will certainly help the already burgeoning unemployment rate. As a senior, I want to thank you for ensuring that as I age, I will have some faceless bureaucrat tell me that I cannot have cataract surgery or hip surgery.  The Independent Payment Advisory Board, a board of 15 unelected officials, now has the power to cut Medicare spending without congressional approval.  This will result in restrictions to my access to providers, treatments, and services.  Thus, my friends and I will experience what our counterparts in Great Britain are facing. As a hospital director, I want to...(Read Full Article)