Ten Simple Things Mitt Should Do or Say During the Debates

If you haven't noticed, the election is slipping away from Mitt.  Given the numbers out there -- unemployment, deficit, gas prices, and poverty -- that is amazing.  Simply stated, if a Republican can't win this election, he or she can't win any presidential election.  Although it's probably too late, if Mitt has any chance to win, he needs to say or do these 10 simple things during the debates. 1. A Tagline Every (winning) campaign needs a good tagline (whether official or informal).  For Reagan, it was "where's the beef?"  For Clinton it was "it's the economy, stupid."  Here perhaps this works: "Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."  It's not only catchy and well-known, but it also sends a strong psychological message: namely, we -- the voters -- won't be duped again.  Nobody likes to be suckered or feel dumb, and this tagline reinforces to people that they have been duped by Obama's first term and won't be duped again. ...(Read Full Article)