Taking Back the University

On November 1, 2012, I will give a talk at the Krannert School of Management on the Purdue University campus.  I say this not so much to promote the event as to promote the change the event represents. In the thirty years since I received my Ph.D. at Purdue in American studies -- dissertation: "The Capitalist as Hero in the American Novel -- this marks the first time I have been invited back.   Although I produced twenty documentaries in the interval and wrote nine books, almost all with major publishers, I could not buy an invite to an academic conference on campus even when I tried to cajole one.   Out of insecurity perhaps, Purdue's liberal arts departments have clung even more desperately to progressive orthodoxy than their hipper counterparts in places like Madison and Bloomington. Even in a conservative state like Indiana, rightists need not have applied. Purdue trustees signaled a change in the air this summer when they chose Republican governor Mitch...(Read Full Article)