Supreme Court Warning to Conservatives: Do Not Confuse Relief with Joy

The most important reason for conservatives to support Mitt Romney is that he is not Barack Obama, period.  Never before has there been an American president ashamed of his own country. Never before has there been a president with complete contempt for the political and economic principles that made it great. Obama's disdain for the Constitution and the freedoms it protects is well-known, at least to conservatives.  Also, for all its faults, capitalism has been the driving engine that made ours the most creative, productive, and successful economy ever seen.  The foundation of capitalism is business.  Nevertheless, there have been no Romney commercials quoting Obama's bile-filled declaration that he felt like a "spy behind enemy lines" when working for a corporation. Mitt Romney is not ashamed of his country, what it has achieved, and what it stands for.  But the virtue of being not-Obama should not be confused with conservative virtue.  While defeat of...(Read Full Article)