Sticks and Stones!

Few people would consider denigrating any religion or person to be a reasonable, mature, and decent way to behave. Yet when riots and killings are allegedly sparked by "hate crimes," the insanity of the violent reaction is equally unpalatable to those in the civilized world. The reactions to these riots by the Obama administration are equally stupefying!  To even remotely condone riots and killings as a reasonable reaction to verbal insults is inconceivable.  These despicable actions should have been condemned.  Our nation appears weak when we react in any other way. There is an underlying philosophy used by politicians to condone condemning only the one broadcasting the insult while excusing those who overreact.  That philosophy states that if someone perceives himself as a victim, it is acceptable to react in any way that he wishes, civilized or not.  With such a principle of victimization, the entire concept of vigilante justice takes on an entirely...(Read Full Article)