Soft Bigotry of Campaign Expectations

The phrase "soft bigotry of low expectations" explains today's commonly accepted rules of engagement in political warfare.  In this context, however, it has nothing to do with differences based on race or income level that was the phrase's original intent -- but simply whether the candidates have a (D) or an (R) after their name. The reality is that Democrats are not held to the same high standards as Republicans, not only in regard to their character or record, but also in their campaigning.  The mainstream media is the referee and cheerleader in this contrived and low set of Democrat campaign expectations, and Republicans play along. As a very recent example, consider the following scenario: Candidate A regularly used and sold an illegal drug while in college, according to a former college acquaintance who spilled the beans to Candidate B's campaign operatives. So what is the media response to this accusation?  This line published in a column on the subject (which...(Read Full Article)