Romney's Trump Card for the Foreign Policy Debate

Mitt Romney has a chance to upstage Barack Obama at Monday's upcoming foreign policy debate and use the strongest hand he has against Obama.  And it has nothing to do with Libya. Polls after their second debate highlight a source of strength for Mitt Romney that has consistently attracted likely voters to his candidacy.  While various reports gave Obama a small "win" in the second debate, which focused on domestic policy, reading beneath the headlines reveals an emerging trend: Romney scores stronger when it comes to people's views of who better can handle their most important concern: the economy. A Wall Street editorial notes in the wake of the second debate: Then again, maybe Romney won. Blogress Carla Marinucci notes that in that same CNN poll, Romney did better on who would better handle the economy (58% to 40%), handle health care (49% to 46%) and taxes (51% to 44%), as well as on who is a "stronger leader" (49% to 46%) and who "cares more about your life"...(Read Full Article)