Rage and Destruction as the Basis of Obama's Middle East Policy

While the ongoing crisis in the Middle East is widely perceived by conservatives as Obama's policy failure, the conflagration in the area may be precisely what the current administration wants. The Obama administration appears to be hell-bent on completely eradicating the map the Western powers created via the 1919 Treaty of Versailles by allowing or actively stoking the fires in the Middle East. Why would this be? While Dinesh D'Souza has been heavily criticized for his analysis of Obama's youth and the influence of his anti-colonialist father, his insights ring true in view of current events. As D'Souza has said, "If Obama views America as the neocolonial occupier of Iraq and Afghanistan, then Muslims fighting against America are anti-colonial resisters and deserve a measure of sympathy." Add to that list other nations of North Africa and the Middle East. Obama's anti-colonialism, along with radical liberation theology learned at the feet of "God damn America" Jeremiah Wright, plus...(Read Full Article)