Destructive Passion

One of modern history's most important questions is how so many intelligent, privileged people could be seduced by a political ideology so intellectually incoherent and bloody in practice as communism.  An illuminating approach for understanding this phenomenon can be found in the memoirs and biographies of true believers who awoke from their dogmatic Marxist slumbers and wrote about both their sleep and their waking.  In its focus on how leftist ideology warps the lives and characters of those who embrace it, David Horowitz's Radicals. Portratis of a Destructive Passion (Regnery, $27.95) is a book that can be ranked with such classics of this genre as The God That Failed and Paul Hollander's The End of Commitment.  But unlike those other studies, Horowitz in his new book analyzes radicals who never had the "second thoughts" that lead to conversion, but instead maintained their faith in the radical progressive creed until the bitter end. Horowitz, of course, was once...(Read Full Article)