Political Leaks

There's nothing new about national security leaks.  Such leaks have occurred in every administration.  But the leaks of the Obama administration are greater in magnitude and sensitivity than those of most previous administrations.  Some of the more outrageous ones: Stuxnet, the cyber-attack against Iran; the Obama kill list of terrorists; the double-agent in Yemen; and all the information about the bin Laden raid.  Topping off all these is the New York Times bestseller No Easy Day, a pseudonymous account of the raid written by an active Navy SEAL, who published the book without obtaining prior permission from the Department of Defense. American Thinker interviewed former national security and intelligence officials, Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI), and Scott Taylor, a former SEAL, on the recent plague of leaks. No Easy Day is the perhaps most notable reflection of the Obama administration's disclosure culture.  Published under the name "Mark Owen," the book...(Read Full Article)