Persuading the Undecided Voter

As a group, undecided voters are unlikely to be swayed by reason alone and its often dry abstractions.  If they were moved by these things, undecideds would already be in Romney's camp. Obama's campaign is almost entirely predicated on the manipulation of base passions; there is very little reason behind it.  He speaks of empathy while delivering rhetoric steeped in class warfare and identity politics.  But while poisonous, this guttersnipe politicking has failed to define the atmosphere of the campaign, in spite of the MSM's assistance at every turn. So it stands to reason that Romney's solution to the undecided voter problem is to appeal to higher emotions than those tapped by Obama, and to attach those emotions to policies presented in such a way that principles, rather than macroeconomic details, come to the fore. At every turn, Obama plays on rage, envy, guilt, fear, and the like -- so Romney should, without moralizing, appeal to the feelings that undergird moral...(Read Full Article)