Pelosi's Divine Comedy

Nancy Pelosi has finally stumbled across the truth.  Our economy has devolved into little more than comedy -- specifically, the "Inferno" section of Dante's Divine Comedy. Asked to describe a scenario that could restore her to the House speakership, Pelosi started tap-dancing frantically before instinctively pressing the Democratic Party default button that assigns blame to George W. for everything from our exploding national debt to the heartbreak of psoriasis. Ominously, she recounted a foreboding September 2008 meeting with then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to discuss the nation's economic outlook.  "He took us to the depth of Hell, a place so low that even Dante couldn't find it," Pelosi explained.  "Four years ago, the Chairman of the Fed (Ben Bernanke also) said if we don't act immediately, we will not have an economy -- after hearing the description and knowing the crisis we were in as a result of the policies of the Bush administration." Although Pelosi...(Read Full Article)