One Question for a Romney Win

Two thirds of the American presidential debates are now history. The conventional wisdom now sees the 2012 presidential race as a dead heat; or let's say one for Romney and a draw for Obama so far. The challenger might have been two for two had he not stubbed his toe over the one foreign policy issue that should have been a slam dunk. Obama scored some points on the Benghazi fiasco, on a technicality. The President did mention terror; once after Ambassador Stevens and his staff were murdered. The thrust of Romney's argument was spot on, but the categorical statement that the president didn't use the word "terror"was a slip of the lip, the kind that journalists love to exploit. Someone on team Romney screwed the pooch. Had Romney focused on weeks of administration mendacity instead of semantics, round two would have been another win. Clearly, Romney has superior presence, debating skills, and command of the facts. Republican staff work and the details of opposition research are another...(Read Full Article)