Once Biden, Twice Barack

Let's face it, how can you improve on perfection?  And make no mistake, Romney's shellacking of Barack the King in the first debate was perfection.  Obama minions in the press couldn't spin abysmal failure -- maybe that would have been possible for moderate failure, but with the spectacularly horrible performance the President turned in on October 3rd, it was impossible.  In the end, almost the only person in America who thought Obama won was Barack Obama -- and that in itself says a lot.  I guess you had to read the transcript. The questions in this debate were different -- pay equity, gun control and immigration played prominent roles.  It almost didn't sound like these were undecided voters -- perhaps disappointed voters instead.  Which I suppose is the best you'll do in New York City and its environs.  Yet, despite finally having things comfortably within his pay grade, Obama in many respects was no better than the first time.  He lost the...(Read Full Article)