October Political Reality Check

After the president's meltdown in Denver last week, liberals were furious that he didn't fling the celebrated 47 percent gaffe in Romney's face.  And maybe they are right, as Mitt Romney has since said he was "completely wrong" about the 47 percent that will never vote for him. Or is the 47 percent issue just another liberal fantasy -- the idea that you can win elections by zinger? The problem is, with all the noise of pushmi-pullyu polls and the deafening roar of the anti-Romney media artillery, how do you know what's really going on? Are the +9 Democratic polls just propaganda or a measure of Democratic enthusiasm?  Are we getting signal from the early voting statistics in North Carolina, or do Republicans normally vote first? The one thing that has impressed me this year is the intensity of the mildly economically conservative but solidly socially liberal baby boomers I know.  If you filter out the dog-on-the-roof liberals, you get a clear signal that a lot of people...(Read Full Article)