Obama's War on Nuclear Power

The Obama administration has shown, through words and deeds, a well-publicized antipathy toward domestic energy production from coal, oil, and natural gas.  What has received lesser public awareness is the administration's concurrent war on nuclear power.  No matter Obama's 2008 campaign's lukewarm endorsement of nuclear power, the administration's actions since 2009 have been anything but helpful to the production of nuclear power in this country. In early 2009, a suggestion appeared on this site for the then-current craze for "shovel-ready" projects -- immediately start construction on the dozen nuclear reactors nearing final regulatory approval.  The suggestion was picked up by other business-oriented media such as Fox Business Network and Investors Business Daily.  These dozen projects used technical designs either already approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) or with an almost complete review process -- technically called "certification." ...(Read Full Article)