Obama's Freudian Slip - He Wants to Export Jobs

President Obama told a September 26 rally at Kent State University in Ohio, "I want to see us export more jobs."  Then he caught himself and continued, "Export more products -- excuse me. I was channeling my opponent for a second."  According to Freud, such slips of the tongue reveal true intentions that a person may be trying to hide, sometimes even from himself.  Does Obama actually want to export American jobs? Obama was misrepresenting Romney's position.  If Romney is elected, he intends to address China's trade cheating.  Philip Ruckers in the Washington Post, October 13, 2011 quotes Gov. Romney as saying, "If you cheat, there's a huge advantage. Fortunately in most of our lives, we find a way to stop the cheaters. . . we haven't done that with regards to trade. China, in particular, has realized the extraordinary advantage to cheating." In fact, impartial observers are concluding that Romney, not Obama, will bring back exported American jobs....(Read Full Article)